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Underwater Dive

Aquaphile Academy Pvt. Ltd.

Enabling Individuals for the Sport of Life...

Aquaphile would not only make you fall in love with water but also give a skill that lasts a lifetime. We are here to chisel, improve, and embed the talent that you deserve.



It is an art to master the technique of Neuro-Muscular Co-ordination exploring one’s own potential of the physical body. It involves the channelization of energy in the body by understanding emotions, mind and eventually yourself. The modern format has been handcrafted especially to embed these skills in the life of the people and adopt an aware way of living. Swimming is a lifetime skill and fitness practice that can keep anyone intact emotionally and physically. The vision is to provide swimmers at the competitive level with the complete understanding of mind, body and spirit, and spreading the message of love and happiness around which is beyond winning and losing..

Basic Course

It is never too late to start learning! This course mainly encompasses all needed by one who wants to start or has just started.

Diving Board

Intermediate Course

This course has been highly regarded by countless students throughout the years, and has provided the perfect foundation to enter the next level of learning. Get in touch with questions or to learn more.

Advanced Course

Through this course, students have the opportunity to push their skills, techniques and confidence to a new level in a fun, dynamic way. Contact us today to learn more about each of our course offerings.


Exclusive Solutions

What we do?How we do?

Aqua Yoga

Who are You?

Yoga, the union of mind and body. There are different forms of yoga and Aqua Yoga is one of them. It is a way of living that can be embedded in the current lifestyle of an individual. It involves the singularity of thoughts by understanding our mind and becoming in-charge of it. Developing our deep understanding of emotions plays a vital role in our daily lives. The understanding of these two helps us to channelize the energy in the right direction and use body as a tool with singularity. It is a way of using water tatva as a medium to bring harmony in all aspects of life. Water as the source of life has helped us to discover deep understanding of meaningfulness and understand our resonance with nature.


Aqua Therapy

Let's be our own Therapist...

A hydraulic therapeutic treatment to heal physical pain and emotional suffering. A therapy that eliminates emotional suffering from the core. When the human body enters water surroundings at that time our body that contains 70% of water by volume and the water in the pool exerts pressure to the body that we call as Hydraulic pressure. The buoyant force applied to the body causes the muscles to respond to balance the body. The people suffering from muscular injuries and body aches can make good use of the therapy to cure the body pain and strengthen muscles.

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Aqua Aerobics

Fitness to fun...

Ever had this crazy idea of dancing or doing Zumba in water?
Well, Aqua Aerobics is one such format that is an improvised format of the same. This helps you not only physically but also mentally. The spirit one gathers out of this entire experience is so energetic, inspiring and rejuvenating that it feels like being a child again. It is all what any person wants, to enjoy fitness with dance, music and exercise. Burning your calories down and keeping you fit and full of high energy for the complete day. It involves the improvised format of dance fused with exercise in sync to music. It is just a modern format to the diaries of fitness history.

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Aqua Meditation

Know your Inner Self...

Rest and rejuvenate as you float over the water and the tender waves touch your body reminding you of this sweet existence. While you start getting familiar with this experience of feeling weightless, you come to new realizations about yourself and life. This physical experience when felt even emotionally, this in true essence would be the ‘inner silence’ we all are seeking for everyday. How to be in this state throughout and effortlessly is what one shall learn over this program. Embedding this peaceful state of mind in while one carries out their daily chores and errands.

Feet in the Ocean

Aqua Gym

Beyond Excellence...

The improvised modern format of Gym fused with the Aqua exercises using Aqua Gym Equipments  makes it an amazing activity. This activity requires the involvement of an individual at both a physical and mental front which maximizes the strength on both the levels.

Aqua gym web.jpg


1-1 Personal Consulting...

What would you choose - achieve happiness or operate out of happiness?
Would you want to be a growth seeker or just a success achiever?
Imagine if all the changes you want in your present life could be chosen and decided and actually worked upon that too effortlessly!
And... what if all this happens as a consequence of you making some small and smart tweaks in the way you think?
Get the best out of yourself by discovering your true potential..
Coaching is exactly this. At Aquaphile Academy, we understand that each individual holds an immense possibility of creating a great present and future for one and all. We at Aquaphile enable individuals via modes of swimming, water workouts, consulting and retreats.

running up staris


The productivity of any machine depends upon the quality of fuel and the efficiency of its engine in the same way the productivity of our body depends upon the food intake and the workout and emotional state that body goes over a day. Physical wellness has become a normal issue these days on which people don't get time to talk much. It is a high time when we should take a break from our busy lives and take a look at our wellness priority. We at Aquaphile craft special wellness schedule according to your routine that can be embedded easily into our current lives and brings out great transformations in all aspects of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Wooden House in the Forest
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Lakeside Camping
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Campfire Meal
Camp Fire


Spending a day within a peaceful environment and a playful venue is altogether the best way to replace your weekend which is usually filled with boredom and stress.
So let's set ourselves free and give one day to ourselves and our family...

What can beat a weekend getaway with your loved ones?

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