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Forest Lake


Let's Spread Happiness with Awareness...

Founded in August 2017 by two starry-eyed individuals in their early twenties. Compulsive to activating the dead string that lies within everyone connecting each of them to the tendency of loving water, Aquaphile is here to eradicate everything that stops you from it! May it fear, confidence, skill or dedication; we are here to pour out and fill in.

Aquaphile Academy was born out of a simple idea: bringing high quality, accessible and affordable education to the entire community. Our unique approach to learning and top quality faculty makes Aquaphile Academy one of the best academy in Pune. We invite you to explore our engaging and diverse course schedule and stop by for a visit at your convenience.


We relish learning about various aspects of human dynamics, wellness, well-being and enable individuals to embed happiness, health and harmony in their life in the most effortless manner. Our seeking has always been to understand and learn more.



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